September 3rd
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You know you’d love finding that on your pillow.

July 23rd
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How we roll.

May 27th
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May 12th

Nuthin’ better than booze and bake!

March 16th
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It’s 12:30 AM, I’m stoned and I’m gonna have me some GIANT SAUSAGE.
You  may now fantasize about my shits. 

March 15th
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Stoner problems.

So far, Ashley has been very excited over pick the Wii controller up off the ground. Then she couldn’t set up the controller. She got the game out and sat back down. Only to realize she forgot to put the fucking disc in. Then she put it in. Sat down. It was in the wrong way, so she tried to eject it, only shutting the wii off instead. Then she took about 5 minutes trying to fix it. I guess video games aren’t as easy after a couple joints.

March 4th

Saturday night at Redondo beach? Hell yeah!

March 3rd
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Friends in need are friends indeed, but friends with weed are better.

February 15th
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So what about lunch, man?